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Braunisch, Dr., Veronika

Telephone: 0761 / 4018 - 300
E-mail: Veronika.Braunisch


 Curriculum Vitae

1991 - 1999Studies of biology in Freiburg
1999 - 2001Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Institute für Zoology: DFG-programme 'Genetic analyses of social systems'.
2001 - 2001University Basel / CH: postgraduate studies: transdisciplinary project management in conservation (man-society-environment, MGU)
2001 - 2009FVA Baden-Wuerttemberg (Research fellow): Organisation of the capercaillie-telemetry project (2001 - 2006); Habitat analyses / spatial explicit species-habitat models Monitoring programme for endangered wildlife-species; Environmental impact assessment; Conservation area planning; Capercaillie Action Plan
2002 - 2004EU-LIFE cooperation project 'Grouse and Tourism in Natura 2000 - Areas' (Project manager)
2005 - 2008PhD-project: Spatially explicit species-habitat models for large scale conservation planning. Modelling habitat potential and habitat connectivity for capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus)
2008  Ph.D., Faculty of forest and environmental science, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
2008 - 2009University of Bern, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Conservation Biology: Spatially-explicit modelling of conflict zones between outdoor winter recreation and black grouse.
2009 - 2012FVA Baden-Württemberg & University of Bern: Predicted effects of climate change on indicator species of structural diversity and species richness in mountain forests: towards adaptive forest management in the face of environmental uncertainty.(Cooperation project of FVA, WSL, University of Bern and Swiss Ornithological Institute)
2013  Group leader Forest Reserve Research


 Work Undertaken in Commissions, on Advisory Boards, etc.

2001  Grouse Working group Baden-Württemberg
2003  Wildwege Association (2003-2007 board)
2005  IUCN Grouse Specialist Group
2012  Society for Conservation Biology SCB, European Section, Swiss Chapter
2013  Natural Forests working group


 Teaching Activities

Ressource monitoring, ressource selection and spatial modelling; University of Bern, Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Practical Conservation Biology; University of Bern


 Focus of Work Activities, Research Interests

My research focus is on conservation biology and wildlife ecology, mainly in forest ecosystems. I am particularly interested in developing spatially explicit methods to analyse species-habitat interactions in various ways, in order to provide applicable fundamentals for conservation management.



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