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Maier, Dr., Martin

Abteilung: Boden und Umwelt
Telefon: 0761 / 4018 - 176
E-Mail: Martin.Maier



Laemmel,T.,Mohr, M., Longdoz, B., Schack-Kirchner, H., Friederike Lang, F., Schindler, D. Maier, M. (2019): From above the forest into the soil – How wind affects soil gas transport through air pressure fluctuations. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 265 (2019) 424–434
Laemmel, T., Maier, M., Schack-Kirchner, H., Lang, F. (2017): An in-situ method for real-time measurement of soil gas transport. European Journal of Soil Science 68, 156-166.
Laemmel, T., Mohr, M., Schack-Kirchner, H., Schindler, D., Maier, M. (2017): Direct Observation of Wind-Induced Pressure-Pumping on Gas Transport in Soil. Soil Science Society of America Journal
Machacova, K. Maier, M. Svobodova, K. Lang, F. Urban, O. (2017): Cryptogamic stem covers may contribute to nitrous oxide consumption by mature beech trees.Scientific Reports 7, 1
Maier, M., Longdoz, B., Laemmel, T., Schack-Kirchner, H., Lang, F. (2017): 2D profiles of CO2, CH4, N2O and gas diffusifity in a well aerated soil: measurement of Finite Element Modeling.Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 247, 21-33
Maier, M., Paulus, P., Nicolai, C., Stutz, K.P., Nauer, P.A. (2017): Drivers of Plot-Scale Variability of CH4 Consumption in a Well-Aerated Pine Forest Soil. Forests 8(6), 193.
Maier, Martin Machacova, Katerina Lang, Friederike Svobodova, Kateřina Urban, Otmar (2017): Combining soil and tree-stem flux measurements and soil gas profiles to understand CH4 pathways in Fagus sylvatica forests, J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci.21, p53
Mohr, M. Laemmel, T. Maier, M. Schindler, D (2017): Spatial variability of wind-induced air pressure fluctuations responsible for pressure pumping.Tellus B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology 69,1

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