The Forestry Research Area in Liliental

Of Redwoods and Orchids

The trial area of Liliental belonging to the Forestry Research Institute Baden-Württemberg, lies between Ihringen and Wasenweiler on the southern edge of the Kaiserstuhl – a loess covered volcanic mound near Freiburg in the upper Rhine valley. 

In 1957 and 1958 the Forestry Administration of Baden-Württemberg acquired the former estate “Lilienhof” within the boundaries of Ihringen. 

Approximately 70 ha of land, previously used for agriculture were given to the Forest Research Institute (FVA) as a research area. 

In previous years the department for Botanic and Forest Ecology has initiated numerous trial areas and seed orchards as well as a comprehensive collection of native and exotic tree and shrub species (the arboretum).

The Research Area

History of the Lilienhof

The research area serves primarily as a scientific experiment area. It also represents an important education and recreation centre for a wide user group. 

Numerous foresters, scientists, students, nature lovers and recreational users from both abroad and Germany visit the climatically extraordinary and favourably located Liliental. 

Many also come because of the magnificent Orchids and other rare plants, which have found a natural refuge here. 

The area is open all year round and the visitor can reach all the most interesting parts of the facility on good paths. Numerous boards inform the visitor about the trees and shrubs planted as well as the scientific research taking place here

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