The Forest Research Area in Liliental

The Climate

Climatically the Kaiserstuhl represents a speciality. Whilst the moist south-westerly or westerly air currents are forced to rise and condense on the Vogues Mountains, the small volcanic area lies in the rain shadow of the Vogues ridge. Accordingly a precipitation average of only 615mm is reached (in comparison Freiburg gets around 1000 mm per year and the Schauinsland more than 1600 mm). The island location in the warm upper Rhine valley also results in high yearly average temperatures, especially in summer. In some parts the climatic conditions are more akin to the ones found in the Mediterranean, which means special plant and animal species can live here. The winters are generally mild with little snow and general the climate offers perfect conditions for vineyards.

Site Conditions in Liliental

Height:270-430 m above sea level
annual average:9.7°C
Vegetation period:14.3°C
No. of days with average temperature >10°C179 days
annual average:615 mm
Vegetation period:65% of the total precipitation

Dry to moderately fresh, middle to deep Loess soil with free chalk in the topsoil.

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