The Wonnhalde day nursery becomes a “Nature Park kindergarten”

The newly completed day care center Wonnhalde (2013)

The FVA's own day-care centre has been designated a nature park kindergarten.

In nature park kindergartens, the children experience nature, culture and their home region in their immediate environment, learning all sorts along the way about their home area and the role of the nature park.

The Wonnhalde day care centre is run by the youth welfare organisation Jugendhilfswerk Freiburg, and takes care of children from zero to six years old in different groups.

Important steps in its development

Symbolic first cut of the spade on 2 November 2012

Ground preparation (February 2013)

Completion of the concrete slab foundation  (March 2013)

Assembly of the wooden structure of the building (March 2013)

Topping out - a ceremony not to be be missed (April 2013)

After almost ten years, the Wonnhalde day care centre is designated a nature park kindergarten (April 2022).

Photos: FVA-BW/Weidner

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