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FVA advances with "Future Forests" to the next round of the funding line "Clusters of Excellence"

The Excellence Strategy is being pursued by the federal and state governments in order to strengthen Germany as a science hub as well as to advance its international competitiveness. The German Research Foundation (DFG) and the German Science and Humanities Council (Wissenschaftrat) are implementing the initiative. The Strategy consists of two funding lines, one of which is "Clusters of Excellence". These include collaborative research projects in internationally competitive fields of research at universities or university clusters.


Wald von oben

Forest knowledge platform wins an award

The platform has been given an award for its successful relaunch and the benefits it offers to the public.

The information and communication platform has been providing sound, research-backed answers to all sorts of questions concerning the forest for 15 years now. The FVA has been one of its publishers from the beginning. To mark the anniversary, the site has been given a new look, for which it has now been awarded the Best of Swiss Web Award.


Plane trees: An option in climate change?

In the search for alternative tree species as an answer to climate change, plane trees are among the mentioned species. The reason for this is their expected versatility and resilience to changing climatic site conditions. However, there are such considerable risks, especially from canker stain of plane (Ceratocystis platani), that planes should currently not being considered a serious option in forestry.



Ripping out and burning - the only effective method against canker stain of plane.

Pine marten or stone marten?

Martens are often active in settled areas, but they can also be spotted in the forest. If you want to know whether you have just encountered a stone marten or a pine marten, you will find the most important distinguishing features here.



Pine marten photographed between leaves

The Wonnhalde day nursery becomes a “Nature Park kindergarten”

The FVA's own day-care centre has been designated a nature park kindergarten.

In nature park kindergartens, the children experience nature, culture and their home region in their immediate environment, learning all sorts along the way about their home area and the role of the nature park.


The picture shows the completed building of the Wonnhalde day-care center
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