As a state research institution, the FVA is responsible for forests and forestry in Baden-Württemberg. It performs tasks that are important for the whole of society. Research, monitoring, training and the advising of policy-makers, administrators and businesses are at the core of our work.





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Here you will find the FVA bibliography with all publications of the FVA and its two predecessor institutions, the “Badische Forstliche Versuchsanstalt” (Forestry Research Institute of Baden) and the “Württembergische Forstliche Versuchsanstalt” (Forestry Research Institute of Württemberg).

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Forest knowledge platform Waldwissen.net wins an award

The platform waldwissen.net has been given an award for its successful relaunch and the benefits it offers to the public.

The information and communication platform waldwissen.net has been providing sound, research-backed answers to all sorts of questions concerning the forest for 15 years now. The FVA has been one of its publishers from the beginning. To mark the anniversary, the site has been given a new look, for which it has now been awarded the Best of Swiss Web Award.


Plane trees: An option in climate change?

In the search for alternative tree species as an answer to climate change, plane trees are among the mentioned species. The reason for this is their expected versatility and resilience to changing climatic site conditions. However, there are such considerable risks, especially from canker stain of plane (Ceratocystis platani), that planes should currently not being considered a serious option in forestry.

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Ripping out and burning - the only effective method against canker stain of plane.

Pine marten or stone marten?

Martens are often active in settled areas, but they can also be spotted in the forest. If you want to know whether you have just encountered a stone marten or a pine marten, you will find the most important distinguishing features here.

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Pine marten photographed between leaves
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