Wildlife Ecology Research Cluster – ForWild

The research cluster Wildlife Ecology - ForWild is an association of several research institutions in Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. The cluster brings together the strong regional expertise in wildlife research to provide sound, efficient and socially acceptable solutions to current and future challanges in hunting and wildlilfe management.


Southwest Germany offers an attractive starting point for this. A high density of expertise meets a good network of practical experience in hunting and forestry, as well as a strong legal basis for the knowledge-based management of wildlife management: the Baden-Württemberg Hunting and Wildlife Management Act.


ForWild strengthens the cooperation of institutions in wildlife ecology research. The aims to promote high-quality research, communication and cooperation in the field of knowledge building and in the development of innovative methods and techniques in wildlife management.

ForWild Research Award

One pillar of ForWild’s work is the annual announcement of a research award for young scientists. Interested researchers with promising ideas that fit well with ForWild's focus topics can apply for this. More information will follow shortly.

Upcoming Events

  • 16.06.2023 ForWild Networking Meeting - Fasanenschlösschen Karlsruhe
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