Approved Projects/Project Modules

Title: Hares in the forest - On the ecology of Lepus europaeus in forest habitats, taking into account silvicultural objectives and biodiversity.

Partial funding: Sattelmühle-Stiftung

Sub-modules: browsing in the Palatinate Forest (wildlife research area) and Sattelmühle Forest (Module 3) & occurrence in closed forest habitats (Module 4).

Funding amount: 200.000 €

Duration: 3 years

Project coordination: Stefanie Czaja - FAWF

Participating partners: FAWF, FVA, LAZBW and Seq-IT

In this project we would like to research the ecology of the "wood hare" and its influence on the forest in several sub-modules. The funding approved here relates to sub-module 3, which deals with the browsing of forest vegetation by brown hares and its effect on forest development, and to sub-module 4, in which the occurrence and population size of the brown hare in the forest will be investigated.

Current article about the project

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