Forest health advisory service

The Forest Protection department provides advice to forest owners and forestry services on all issues to do with forest health. As well as diagnosing samples that are sent in and offering advisory on site appointments in the forest, the advisory service also compiles and provides specialist information on specific subjects, in the form of newsletters, for example, or publications on forest protection (for the moment only available in German). The diagnosis of harmful organisms and their monitoring and prognosis forms the basis for recommendations on action to be taken and pest management. Through publications and knowledge transfer, up-to-date information is made available to all interested parties. This establishes an important basis for the conservation of our forests.

We also provide comprehensive advice on existing forest protection methods, including the use of plant protection products. From assessing the necessity of using plant protection products at all to providing legal and technical advice on their actual application, we offer our support to forest owners and forest enterprises. We are also a key provider of education and training in forest protection for those working in the forest.

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