STIPSI - A Sampling Simulator for Forest Stands and Forest Areas

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Mathematically and statistically based sampling methods for objective and cost-effective evaluation of stand characteristics of forest stands and forest areas* are widely applied in forest economics and forest science. The traditional focus of the application of sampling methods is forest planning management. In many states of Germany, and partly in neighbouring countries, they are applied within the framework of stand-wise and area-wise inventories for determination of basal area and timber volume, for the purpose of yield regulation as well as for intermediate-term planning. In addition, representative sampling methods at the stand level are increasingly finding their way into forest growth, ergonomics and forest utilization, forest economics and forest ecology.

The STIPSI sampling simulator was developed as an effective tool for the education and training of those in the field of employing sampling methods. The program allows users to obtain results for stand-wise and area-wise inventories under realistic conditions in a handsome form and manner in the shortest time, which would take days and weeks with actual field surveys. The simulator is designed, with respect to technical and didactic design, so that the user finds the task of inventorying trouble-free and virtually intuitive until the completion of the inventory planning for a concrete stand and forest area respectfully.

* A forest area can be the entire area of a forest enterprise/estate or only a part of it, for example, the area of one or more districts.

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Download Stipsi 4.0  (exe-file, 7,7MB)


Marco Reimann

The Department of Biometry and Information Sciences
E-Mail: FVA-BW


Nicole Stump

Article Date: 01.04.2010

Dep. Biometrie und Informatik || 

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